About Parrot Software for Aphasia

Parrot Software was launched in June of 1981. From the start our major focus was on improving speech, cognition, memory, attention, vocabulary, reading, and functional skills in people with aphasia and brain injury. Over the years, our selection of treatment
programs has grown to 88 different titles in English and 58 titles in Spanish. Our technology is cutting edge utilizing such aphasiafeatures as text to speech, speech recognition, animation, high resolution images, online workbooks, and many other useful features for the treatment of aphasia. Our programs are compatible online with almost every device available including PCs, MACs, iPads, Smart Phones, and most tablets.

Our CEO is Frederick F Weiner, PhD., former professor of Speech-Language-Pathology at several major universities. Dr. Weiner has been at the helm of the company since its inception. He is a skilled treatment provider and programmer.

Our goal from the beginning has been to provide alternate and supplemental treatment methodologies at a reasonable price. No one has ever been turned away for financial reasons because the company has many scholarship programs available.